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Service fees in case of termination of PM services

Either party may initiate the termination of our property management services at any time. In such case, service fees due for rental contracts that were already successfully closed, will still be payable to PPE Inc. This is because our service

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Refund policy for cancelled reservations

Whether it’s for a short-term rental or for a long-term lease, a reservation on our properties is a two-way binding agreement. Once you make a reservation with us, you bind us to make the subject property available only to you.

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What if I already have a tenant in my property?

If you already have a tenant in your property and you want us to take over, the following items apply: Our one-time setup fee will still be the same One of the frequently-asked questions by property owners inquiring with us

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Why do you collect your service fee at the beginning of the lease and not monthly?

Below is a good question from one of our clients: For yearly contracts or longer, can your service fee (one-month-equivalent rent, per year), be spread out and collected on a monthly basis (starting when the security deposit and advance rent

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Can I see your lease contract?

Yes, sure. You can review the main content of our standard lease contract on the following page:

Have you actually tried to sue a tenant to collect unpaid rentals?

Despite our initial vetting and despite their compliance to our pre-lease requirements, there are just some bad tenants that sometimes fall through the cracks. This is an unfortunate risk anyone who operates rental properties has to deal with. But also

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How do you collect the rent?

In most cases, we only deposit the post-dated checks issued by the lessee/tenant at the start of their lease. For some who prefer to pay with their credit cards, their rent is automatically charged to their credit card on their

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What if prospect tenants have counter-offers?

When we have prospect tenants who want to negotiate for a better rate by presenting a counter-offer, we relay the request to the unit owner while we handle the initial negotiation. We first make sure that their counter-offer is reasonable,

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What if a tenant cannot finish his lease term?

Situations like this usually happen only under exceptional circumstances on the part of the tenant. If the request of the tenant is reasonable, we ask them to put it in writing so that we can submit it to the owner

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Who pays for the repair and maintenance expenses?

We adopt the generally-accepted practices in the industry when it comes to the repairs and maintenance. Basically, it will depend on the repair or maintenance item/activity that needs to be done. In general, the arrangement is the following: On the

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