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Buying or Selling Real Estate Property in the Philippines - PPE

Buying or Selling Real Estate Property

Most, if not all real estate transactions involve considerable amounts of money. So, whether you are buying a property or selling yours, you need someone who will make sure everything is done properly and legally, so that you are protected. You need a knowledgeable and dependable partner who will look out for you so that you can rest assured that no problems will arise in the future regarding your transaction.

That’s one of the services we offer here at Phil. Property Expert, Inc. — reliable and award-winning professional services for facilitating real estate sales. We can be a partner you can count on.

Why avail of our services?

  • Buying from a developer

    When you want to buy a property from a developer, you need to do it through an agent or a broker because the developers themselves do not handle the selling of their projects. We are one of those brokers and we are accredited with the most trusted developers in the country. That means we are duly authorized to sell the projects of those developers whom we are accredited with.

    Accreditation with developers is an affiliation, like a partnership. As such, we choose the developers whom we get affiliated with because our reputation to our clients is very important to us. We only affiliate with developers whom we know we can trust, whom our clients can trust. These are developers who can deliver the property they sell, as promised.

    So when you buy a property through us, whether it be a condominium unit, a house and lot unit, or commercial and office units, you know you will actually get what you paid for. On top of that, you can also be assured that there’s someone who will answer your questions and attend to your concerns even after the transaction. This reliable after-sales support is very important but sadly very hard to come by in the industry.

    If you don’t have a specific property in mind yet, what we do is we help you find the best one for you based on your requirements and preferences. Unlike other brokers and agents, we actually listen to what you want and only recommend properties that fit your requirements.

    We make sure you get the best deal on the property you want. We keep ourselves updated with the latest promos and discounted offers from developers. And we don’t always stick to the standard payment schemes they set. We work with you to make sure that the payment scheme you take is best fitted to your circumstances. We negotiate with the developer to get what’s best for you. For example, if your salary comes every 23rd of the month, you don’t have to pay your amortizations on the 15th of the month. And if you need a lower monthly amortization, we try to get you approved for a longer payment term to lower your monthly amortization.

    Lastly, NO hidden charges and catches. When you buy a property through us, we see to it that you are well aware of all the fees that you will have to pay. If the turn over of the property you’re buying is in 2 years, you will know exactly what to expect when that time comes.

  • Buying from individual sellers

    Buying a property from an individual seller usually means more work required on the part of the buyer. So this is when you need the services of competent professionals the most.

    When buying from a developer, you generally don’t need to worry about verifying titles, encrumbrances on the property, taxes, and the eventual work required to transfer the title to your name after the transaction, etc.. That is not the case when you buy from individual sellers; you will have to think about all these things.

    The reason why there’s so many people getting scammed in real estate transactions is that they enter into these contracts of sale without knowing much about the importanant things involved. Availing of our services is making sure you are protected. And the cost is nothing compared to what you risk losing if you do things yourself.

  • Selling

    If you’ve tried to sell your property yourself, you will quickly find out that it can be hard to find the right buyer. That may even be the reason why you’re reading this right now.

    Sure, there’s are a lot of people who want to buy real estate. But there may only be a very few who want to buy yours specifically. What we offer is finding you that one buyer that you need. And when we find the right match for you, we facilitate the completion of the transaction, making sure everything is done properly and legally.

    However, in our efforts to avoid conflicts of interest, we don’t accept every property into our listings. Since we are selling properties from developers, we generally don’t accept those that are in the same projects that we are already selling.

What separates us from the rest of the other brokers and agents out there?

  • Your interests are our top priority.

    Other brokers and agents focus on promoting a specific development/project and they tend to neglect what you actually need or want. With us, we see to it that your requirements and preferences are being met. We focus on your requirements to find the right properties, the best deals and the best payment terms for you.

  • We are an independent brokerage firm.

    Being an independent broker means we are not bound to promote only a specific developer or specific projects from any developer/s. Unlike the so called “in-house” agents and brokers, we can sell properties in different projects, from different developers.

    This gives us a better perspective on the whole real estate industry in the Philippines. We are not boxed and we don’t force clients into buying a specific property in a specific project.

  • We’re here for the long term.

    We are not after only a single commission and then disappear after the transaction like most brokers and agents out there. We actually value the relationships we’ve built with our clients because that’s part of our mission and vision, the reason why we started the company.

    We take our reputation seriously and we even made accountability one of the company’s core values. In fact, we may even be the only brokerage in the Philippines who teaches people how to sue their brokers and developers if promises are not delivered. This is how you can be confident that we have your best interest in mind.

  • We never leave our clients hanging.

    We do our best to avoid problems for our clients but there are just times when things get ugly and difficult, that’s a reality in business and in life. The source of the problem may be the client himself or the developer/seller, but either way, we make ourselves available to render assistance and solve issues as they arise.

    This is the hard part of being your broker and most of the other brokers and agents out there take the easy way out. When things get difficult, they leave you hanging, you can’t reach them anymore. In fact, one of our founders experienced this himself.

    But since we started in this business, we have never failed on this promise. Some of our clients are even amazed to find out that we’re still here for them several years after our transaction! This is why they voted us the “Most Trusted Real Estate Brokerage Firm” in the Philippines.

What are our fees?

  • Buying from a developer

    If you will be buying a property from a developer, there is totally NO cost to you. You don’t have to pay us anything except in situations requiring the special services described below.

    It will be the developer/seller who will pay us our professional fee or the “commission”, as it is more commonly known.

  • Buying from an individual seller

    This depends on the situation. If the individual seller is our client who is selling his property through us, it is the seller who usually pays for our professional services. But this can change upon negotiations.

    If you already have a specific property you want to buy and the seller is not our client, we further broke this down into the following choices for you:

    1. Title transfer with research/verification

    2. Title transfer only

    3. Title research only

    4. Price information on Title verification, research and transfer: Title Services

    Note: These rates are applicable to properties located within Metro Manila and nearby areas only.

    We also cater to properties located elsewhere, however, our fees may vary. Please call us or schedule a meeting to get a proper quote.

  • Special services required in buying a property

    When you don’t have a specific property you want to buy yet, you may require our special services.

    For instance, you want to buy a piece of raw land you intend to use as a farm, but you don’t know if there’s one available that’s right for you. Or you know that you want to buy a residential property for investment but you don’t want the ones in our listings or those advertised elsewhere. Or if you just want us to find the property that best matches your specifications.

    These special situations require special work to be done on our part, it requires time and effort. And when we commit to working with you, we see to it that we deliver with quality and value. If we have doubts whether we can get you what you want or not, we tell you upfront.

    On the other hand, we also know that not everyone really needs this kind of service that we offer, even though a lot of people may be interested. As much as we would like to be of service to everyone, our time is only limited. So we want to spend it only with people who really need or want this kind of dedicated, quality service.

    For this commitment we offer, we also require some form of commitment on your part. We require one of the following commitment deposits, as appropriate:

    • Minimum of ₱25,000 for anywhere within Luzon

    • Minimum of ₱35,000 for Visayas and Mindanao areas, although it may still be higher depending on the actual location and requirements. (Please call us or schedule a meeting to get a proper quote.)

    It is important to note however, that this fee is refundable to you upon completion of the transaction. If you choose not to proceed with the purchase, you will not be charged for anything more.

  • Selling your property

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