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Buying or Selling Real Estate Property in the Philippines - PPE

Sale Listing Services

If you’re selling your property and would like the process to be handled professionally, our real estate sale listing services may just be what you need.

Listing your property with us gives you the advantage of being represented by highly competent and experienced professionals. Stand out from the competition by putting into use our years of experience in digital marketing of real properties. Avoid costly mistakes by putting into use our years of experience in handling negotiations and legal documentations.

The following are the details you need to know to see if our services are right for you.

Scope of Work

Being your listing brokerage firm, our scope of work generally includes the following:

  1. Professional marketing of your property

    • Ad listing on multiple real estate marketplaces
    • Ad listing on our own website
    • Search advertising
    • Social media advertising
  2. Handling/screening of inquiries

  3. Pre-qualification of prospective buyers

  4. Facilitating viewings with qualified prospects

  5. Facilitating negotiations

  6. Preparation of legal documents for the actual sale

  7. Facilitating execution of the sale documents

Listing with us means actually getting value for your money. You’ll actually get professional services and not just some overpriced messengerial services like many people experience from traditional brokers and agents. We can tell you this from experience because we’ve also been the client ourselves.

Brokerage Fees

Our brokerage fee is generally 5% of the actual selling price of the property. This will apply only upon successful closing of the sale. So, there’s no upfront payment for this.

Our fee being a percentage of the selling price gives you the assurance that we share the same interest. The more you get from the sale, the more we also make. This way, you can trust that we will be acting with your best interest in mind.

We also accept net listing agreements. With this, as the seller, you get to fix the amount you want to receive for your property, net of all taxes and other charges. We will be the one to adjust the total selling price of your property to meet your desired amount, plus our fees, taxes, other government charges and incidentals.

Upfront Costs

To be sure we will be able to give you an edge over the competition, we charge the following upfront costs which are, in our experience, indispensable when marketing real properties in today’s industry.

Service Rate (₱)
General cleaning 50/sqm of floor area
Photo-taking (flat/rectangular) 2,500
Photo-taking (360°/spherical)
For virtual tour creation
3,500 for up to 5 scenes/spaces
500/extra scene
Listing on min. 5 online marketplaces 1,000 per month
Paid search and social media campaigns 1,500 per month
Physical signage on-site (if allowed) 3,000 (up to 2×4 ft)


The following initial requirements must be satisfied before we can accept a property into our sale listings.

  1. Property must be located within Metro Manila.

    At this time, we cannot effectively serve locations outside Metro Manila.

  2. Initial visit must be conducted for assessment of actual condition of the property and its accessibility.

  3. Copy of government-issued IDs of the registered owners

  4. Copy of Certificate of Title

  5. Copy of Tax Declaration

  6. Initial photos (if available)

  7. Contact person based in Metro Manila or nearby provinces

How to Get Started

If the above details sound good to you and you’re ready to start, click the following button to fill out our info sheet with the initial details we need; and let us know via email afterwards.

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