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Anchorland Holdings Inc.

Taking its inspiration from upscale condos in major cities around the world, Anchorland Holdings Inc. is with no doubt, one of the fastest growing performer in the real estate industry in the Philippines. Due to its excellent performance, the company is not only attracting local investors, but also international award-giving bodies.

The company has built a good reputation for delivering its projects without delay and also without sacrificing the beauty and functionality of its developments. Using its first project’s success formula: The 33-storey Lee Tower in Binondo as the basis of it developments, Anchorland Holdings Inc. has continued to use a dynamic and aggressive way to handle emerging, bolder and bigger challenges.

It should be noted that the Lee Tower was sold out within 9 months ahead of the 2006 schedule. By finding its way in the affluent Filipino-Chinese community, the company has conveyed modern condo living to the old Manila with its combination of current trends and traditional preferences.

The company’s success secret lies in the active investment of its vital people in the sales and marketing from the very first stage and throughout the development of the project. All departments are also kept in constant touch to ensure great results; it also incorporates the age-old Feng Shui principles for outstanding work.

What makes Anchorland Holdings Inc. stand out from the rest is the undisputed focus and attention it gives to business development efforts. It ensures that all its business plans are accurately implemented without delay.

ALHI was one of the only Philippine companies included in the Forbes magazine’s list of 200 best companies in Asia with capitalization of under $1 billion in 2008. This was mainly brought about by the company’s authentic financial performance during the international economic slowdown.

Every employee’s contribution in the company is valued and often recognized through rewards and recognitions systems that place a strong focus on providing the best service to customers. To strengthen its organizational structure, the company recruits the best available talents in the labor market.

The company’s business philosophy

The managers are always ready to engage and satisfy clients. This in return, afford the company an instantaneous feedback mechanism which helps perfect Anchorland Holdings Inc. processes. ALHI philosophy is thus anchored on its battle cry: 100% commitment.

Development Projects of Anchorland Holdings Inc:

  • SoleMare Parksuites Condominium Feature image 1
    SoleMare Parksuites
    Let the hussle and bussle of the metro drown out amidst the splendor of SoleMare Parksuites. Discover the best things in life in this modern-day paradise where the sun meets the sea and the good life rises daily.
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