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Policy on agents’ commissions and on viewings

We have the following incentives for brokers and agents who successfully refer us clients: For rental properties: 10% – for non-PRC licensed referrers 20% – for PRC-license holders These commissions will be disbursed in accordance with the following schedule: 50%

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Why is the disconnection or transfer of utilities under my (lessee’s) name required before releasing my security deposit?

In the case of long-term leases and at the end of the lease, part of our process in clearing the security deposit of the lessee is the release of all obligations connected to the property being leased. This includes obligations

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I can’t sign the lease contract right away. Can I reserve the unit for a certain period?

If you’re already decided on leasing one of our units, but you can’t sign the lease contract right away or complete the requirements, we can give you a few days up to a month. We only require that you make

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What if I want to change or replace my PDC’s?

If you’re one of our existing lessees and you’d like to replace your PDCs with new ones, you just need to submit a request letter 2 weeks prior to your nearest due date. This is to allow time for us

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Why do you reserve the right to raise the rental rate anytime within the lease term?

One of the stipulations in our standard lease contract is the following: RENTAL PRICE ADJUSTMENT. The LESSOR has the right to change, modify or adjust the rental price as deemed appropriate or necessary. Such modification will take effect 30 days

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Do you provide an official receipt for my rental payments?

We receive your rental payments only in behalf of our principal, the unit owner. This means that the rent you pay us, are not our company’s revenue. So in general, we issue only an acknowledgment receipt to confirm that we

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Do you have special requirements for foreigner tenants?

In addition to our standard requirements, we need the following for non-Filipino lessees: For the ID requirement, we need a copy of the passport A local/Filipino who can co-sign the lease; This person needs to be fully qualified to take

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Can I reserve your unit while I’m still overseas?

No problem. You’ll just have settle the applicable reservation fee via any of our available payment options.

What if want to replace the existing furniture?

If you are interested in one of our units that is fully-furnished, but you want to replace all or some of the existing furniture, you are welcome to do so. You will only have to shoulder the expenses for the

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How many occupants are allowed in the unit?

This depends on the actual floor area of the subject unit. You will be informed about this limit before signing a lease contract. Or you can also ask directly our staff who is assisting you with your inquiry. In general,

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