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Who pays for the repair and maintenance expenses?

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We adopt the generally-accepted practices in the industry when it comes to the repairs and maintenance.

Basically, it will depend on the repair or maintenance item/activity that needs to be done. In general, the arrangement is the following:

On the tenant’s account:

  • Cost of any repairs to the property damaged by the tenant or his guest(s) through misuse or negligence.
  • Cost of professional cleaning services at the end of the lease.
  • Cost of light bulb replacements, batteries for smoke detectors, window/door screens (if installed).
  • Cost of pest control against mice, fleas, roaches, ants, vermin, insects or other pests.
  • Cost of the regular aircon and grease trap servicing (if installed in the unit).

On the unit owner’s account:

  • Cost of any repairs to the property that are not due to misuse or negligence of the tenant or his guests.
  • Cost of any maintenance works to slow down deterioration due to ordinary wear and tear, such as repainting and replacement of old fixtures.