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What if a tenant cannot finish his lease term?

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Situations like this usually happen only under exceptional circumstances on the part of the tenant. If the request of the tenant is reasonable, we ask them to put it in writing so that we can submit it to the owner for consideration.

Per our lease contract, the security deposit of the tenant will automatically be forfeited in favor of the unit owner in case of early termination by the tenant.

On top of that, the owner also has the right to demand from the tenant the immediate settlement of the total amount of rent for all the remaining months in the lease. However, we will leave this for the unit owner to consider.

In our past experience, the forfeiture of the security deposit was already enough for the unit owner as it pays for the next two months. And usually, before this 2-month period elapses, we already find a new tenant. In such case, the unit owner will end up having 1 month paid twice by two different tenants.