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P.D. 957 - Your Protection Against Real Estate Misrepresentations

P.D. 957 – Your Protection Against Real Estate Misrepresentations

Presidential Decree No. 957 otherwise known as “Subdivision and Condominium Buyer’s Protective Decree” was initiated by the late President Ferdinand Marcos on July 12, 1976 and applied with the latest revised implementing rules and regulations in 2009. The primary purpose

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What Happens To a Condominium After 50 Years

What Will Happen To a Condominium Investment After 50 Years?

This is one of the most common concerns raised by condominium buyers. And it is a very relevant question to ask especially since we are talking about millions of money here. In the Philippines, there is a law that protects

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VAT Update RR 13-2012

VAT Update RR 13-2012: Concerns and Implications to Sale of Adjacent Properties

As an owner, buyer, or seller of adjacent properties, you might be familiar with this practice. Some sellers of adjacent real estate properties document the sale as sale of separate units even when both properties are sold to and will

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