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How do you guarantee that my unit will be tenanted?

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We conduct an ocular visit to your property before any official agreement is signed. Afterwards, if we are not confident we can get your unit tenanted in 3 to 6 months, we will not proceed in entering into a contract so that we will not waste your setup fee.

The guarantee we provide is that your property will be marketed according to our latest and best-performing marketing strategies. The same marketing strategies we implement for all the other properties we manage. These marketing strategies so far, have produced us 96% occupancy rate within 3 months from the start of campaign. This doesn’t mean the other 4% didn’t get rented, they just took longer than 3 months.

All our marketing efforts require us to spend money. If we know right from the start that our marketing methods won’t work well for your property, we won’t waste your time and we won’t accept your money.

If we make a mistake and we do accept your money, that means we will have to keep spending our own money in marketing your property until we get a qualified tenant; Even if we’ve already spent more than the amount of the setup fee we initially require. This way, you know that we really share the business risks with you and that we have a common goal in making your property generate income for you.