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What’s the “One-time setup fee” for?

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We charge a one-time setup fee to cover the initial costs we incur in “dressing up” or staging your unit for marketing, to make it attractive for prospective tenants. This is also where we take our initial costs from, for showing the unit to interested/prospect tenants, screening inquiries for qualified ones, and for preparation of necessary documents such as the lease/rental contracts and the notices to the building admin. This is also where we take our hard costs in marketing (paid advertising).

This “dressing up” does not include any alterations of fixed interior design of your unit. It also does not include addition of any large-sized or heavy furniture. It only involves thorough, professional cleaning (if required), possible re-arrangement of furniture and appliances, the addition of removable ornaments like table centerpieces, flower vases, corner vases, frames, etc.; proper bed setting, use of curtains as appropriate, and other similar home improvements.

This one-time fee will never recur during the continuous validity of our property management engagement, regardless of the length of our service engagement and regardless of how many lease contracts we have already signed for your unit. We only charge this at the beginning of our property management engagement.

However, if at some point in time, you decide to end our management engagement and then, later on, decide to put your property back into our management, we will have to charge this setup fee again.

Lastly, please also note that this setup fee is separate from our service fees for the actual management services we continuously do for your property.