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What are your requirements from owners?

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We require the following documents from the owner:

  • Copy of the Title
  • Copy of the Deed Restrictions
  • Copy of the Deed of Sale (if the Title is not yet available), or
  • Copy of the Contract to Sell (if the Title and the Deed of Sale are not yet available)
  • Copies of 2 government-issued IDs.

If we are dealing with an authorized representative of the owner, the following additional documents:

  • Copy of at least 1 government-issued ID of the representative
  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

    Note: The special power of attorney should include or cover the authority to sign a property management agreement with a third-party service provider like us. If the attorney-in-fact hasn’t been granted this authority, we really need to have our service contract signed directly by the owner. Or the attorney-in-fact will have to secure a new SPA with the proper authority granted by the owner.

Why do we require these documents? Please see this question.