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Multi-Party Access to the Property

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When a property is turned over to us for management, we assume responsibility for it, including the items inside. This is why during the handover, we need to conduct a full inventory of the property and its contents. This is to document the things we received and their corresponding conditions at the time of turning over to us.

From the moment we receive its keys, we are already accountable for lost items inside the property, or for damages.

However, there are cases where the owner would like to retain another authorized representative(s) with free and unconditional access to the property. This means the other representative can access the property even without our staff present.

In most cases, this would not lead to any problems. But we have had several experiences where the other representatives of the owners were staying in the property without our knowledge and missing or broken items were attributed to us and our staff.

So, to avoid difficult situations like this, we have a clause in our property management contract stipulating that in such cases where the owner chooses to grant free and unconditional access to another party, we should no longer be held accountable for losses and damages in the property, especially while it doesn’t have a renter yet.