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Judicial Relief

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The “Judicial Relief” is a common item in our service contracts. Its main purpose is to clarify for both parties – our company and our clients – the possible consequences for not honoring the terms of the agreement.

It should be noted that these possible consequences will apply only if there is one party who violates the terms of the contract and it is proven in a court of law. With this clause, our clients can be assured that we will deliver the services required from us, exactly as defined in the contract. In the same way, we can likewise rely that our clients will meet their obligations to us, arising from the agreement.

An example violation on our part as the Property Manager, would be if we fail without justifiable cause, to remit to the owner the rental proceeds from their property at the schedule expected.

On the other hand, an example violation on the part of the property owner, would be if they refuse to pay our fees for services rendered according to our agreement.