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How do you manage the check in and check out?

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Almost 100% of our bookings are made and confirmed online. When the guest sends his payment for reservation, we send them a reservation confirmation which is what they will have to show us (our staff) upon check in.

On the date of check-in, we have our own personnel meet the guests at the lobby to facilitate them into the unit, register with the building admin and give the guest/s a quick orientation which includes going over our house rules. The guests will usually have to leave an ID with the building admin/security also, and our staff will take care of this.

Upon check-out, our staff will also check the unit before clearing the guests and releasing their security deposit. Our staff will also coordinate with the building admin about the release of the IDs deposited by the guests. If there are any chargeable damages/losses, their security deposits are deducted accordingly.