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Can I use my unit while it is still vacant?

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Yes, of course.

We only request that afterwards, it be returned to its clean and presentable condition so that it will be ready for viewings immediately after your use. You can also just let us know if you cannot arrange for the housekeeping and re-staging yourself, so that we can have our staff get the unit ready for viewings again.

In case we will have to redo the cleaning and staging, we will only have to charge you a minimal fee for it. This is usually Php1,000 only for each instance, unless the place requires an exceptional amount of work to be re-done (like the extraordinary mess left after a big party). In such cases, the actual charge will be assessed as appropriate per instance.

If we have to re-do the laundry of the linens and towels, this will be a separate charge and we will just bill you for the actual expense at the laundry shop.