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Can I list my property with other brokers at the same time?

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When we accept a property into our management, we actively put a lot of effort into it starting from dressing it up and preparing it for marketing, up to the actual marketing itself and screening inquiries for qualified tenants.

Our commitment to taking care of your property and getting you qualified tenants, for your property to generate income quickly, requires us to spend our own resources, especially time.

Because of this dedication, we made it part of our service contract that we have exclusive authority to market, advertise and offer your property for rent or lease. We require this exclusivity since we are also taking on a lot of responsibility when we accept your unit into our management.

If other brokers and agents are open to market your unit and they happen to refer a tenant ahead of us, they collect their fee and we cannot, since we only collect our service fee when we have signed a tenant for you. But the obligation to carry out the maintenance, payment of recurring bills, repairs, etc., remain with us and will not be transferred to the other broker or agent. So we end up providing our services without getting compensated.

We do however, work with other brokers who are affiliated with us. And if you have other agents or brokers whom you also want to market your property, while still having us manage your unit, they can just refer their prospects to us. We will take care of the arrangements for their commissions without any additional cost on your part.