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Booking credits in case of fortuitous events

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Fortuitous events such as typhoons, earthquakes, strikes, epidemics and/or any force majeure, affect both the renters and us, the host/rentor; although they are neither party’s fault.

In consideration of this, we cannot issue refunds on reservation payments already made except for those which are in accordance with our ordinary refund policy. But the rent already paid may be used by the renter on some later date (booking credits).

These booking credits include the unused portion of a reservation that has already been paid but was cut short due to supervening fortuitous events.

When using these booking credits, the following will apply:

  • The same rental rate will be used for the same unit booked within a period of 12 months from the date the fortuitous event occurred;
  • If 12 months have passed since the occurrence of the fortuitous event, the prevailing rental rates at the time will be used;
  • Our standard policies on security deposits and cleaning fees will still apply in either case.