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I can’t sign the lease contract right away. Can I reserve the unit for a certain period?

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If you’re already decided on leasing one of our units, but you can’t sign the lease contract right away or complete the requirements, we can give you a few days up to a month. We only require that you make a reservation deposit if you’d like to reserve the unit.

When you’ve paid the reservation fee, we will take the unit out of the market and make it unavailable to others for the duration of your reservation.

If you will be able to proceed with the lease before the expiration of the reservation period, this reservation fee will become part of your first month’s advance rent. On the other hand, if you cannot proceed with the lease, your reservation fee will be forfeited to cover our loss of opportunity.

The actual amount of the reservation fee that we may require will vary, depending on the duration of the reservation and on the rental rate of the property.

If no reservation payment is made, we cannot make any commitment that the unit will be held for you. You might be ready to sign the lease and complete the requirements only in a few days’ time, but anyone can get ahead of you and take the property before you become ready. This already happened with us in the past, more times than we expected, and it has upset many interested lessees.

So, if you find one of our units perfect for you, we recommend making a reservation payment if you can’t complete the requirements right away or if you can’t sign the lease contract or move in right away.