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Signup Process for Property Management by PPE

When you have decided about availing our property management services, the following are the next steps in our signup process:

  1. Meeting and unit viewing

    Before we accept a property into our management, we meet with you first and view your unit. This is for us to see the actual condition, location, and other circumstances of your unit and see if the market we serve is a match for your property.

    If you are not in the country like most of our existing clients, or just not available to meet us yourself for some reason, you can have your authorized representative meet with us instead. If you issued an SPA to him/her, we will also check his/her SPA during the meeting, to determine if the authority you gave him/her covers the power to enter into a property management agreement with us in your behalf.

    If all is okay with the unit, we will ask for a copy of the Certificate of Title or the Deed of Absolute Sale if the Title is not yet available; and to see the original for verification purposes only. If we are meeting with your representative and you didn’t leave the original with him/her, we may need a day or two for our alternative verification.

    We require this viewing of the property prior to contract-signing because we know everyone hates empty promises. That includes us. So we don’t make them. We only accept properties into our management when we are confident that we can get them rented within a reasonable amount of time – ideally within 3 months, maximum of 6 months.

    Because of this policy that we follow, we are able to rent out the properties under our management very quickly. Many got tenanted with long-term tenants in as fast as 2 to 3 weeks since we start marketing them. Some within 2 months; and although we do not promise our clients that their property will surely get rented out within 3 months, so far, about 97% of our units get tenanted within 3 months.

    So when we accept your unit and you pay our signup fee, you can be confident also that the money you paid will not be put to waste. We’ve regrettably had to turn down a number of properties already, since we don’t want to just take the owners’ money and not produce any result afterwards.

  2. Contract signing and settlement of setup fee

    This is very straightforward if the owner is available to sign the documents in person himself.

    However in the case of representatives, if your SPA-representative has the proper authority, he/she can sign the property management contract with us. If not, we will have to execute the contract directly between us and yourself by mailing the documents to you.

    If you are currently based overseas:

    We will email you the contract which you will have to print and confirm by affixing your signature. And then you will have to go to your nearest Philippine consular office to have the contract authenticated. This additional step is necessary to make the contract valid here in the Philippines. Afterwards, you will have to send us a scanned copy and send the hard copy back to us via courier.

    At this time, the setup fee will also have to be settled. For cash payment, it may be deposited to our company’s bank account and for check payments, payable to Phil. Property Expert, Inc. also. You can find the details of your payment options here →.

  3. Preparation of your unit for marketing and rental survey

    Unit acceptance inventory and turnover of the unit access will be arranged with you or your representative when the contract has been executed by your or your representative and has authenticated either by notary (if based in the Philippines) or Philippine Consul (if based overseas); and the set-up fee in item #2 above has been settled

    While waiting for the arrival of the hard copy of the contract, we can use the scanned copy you sent us via email to furnish the building admins with a copy. This will allow us access to your unit for our staff to prepare the unit for marketing, and then take photos for the advertisements.

    We will also be conducting the rental survey for your unit at this time. And upon finalizing of the rental rate with you, we can proceed to marketing.

    The hard copy of our contract will be for our formal records when it arrives. A copy with our signature will also be provided to your SPA-representative for your own record/reference.

To begin with the first step, you may call us directly at any of the following numbers below. Or you can also email us with the contact info of your representative so we can call him/her and schedule the meeting.

If you have more questions, you may also send them to us in an email; Or call us at any of these numbers for a faster transaction/query:

  • +63 2 906 6835 (landline)
  • +63 917 5206762 (mobile)
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