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Mahogany & Cashew Plantation with Mansion

  • Developer:
  • Property type:
  • Bedroom(s): 4
  • Bathroom(s): 4
  • Total Area: 70.3 Hectares
  • Turnover/Built: 2005
  • Listing type: For Sale
  • Parking: Provided
  • Location: Narra, Puerto Princesa

This is a commercially viable 70.3-hectare land with a fully cultivated timber and cashew plantation, and with a furnished country-style mansion.

Teeming with thousands of Mahogany, Gmelina, Cashew, and some Ipil, Narra, and fruit trees, the Plantation is a feasible source of timber and fruit crops. A 438-sq-m mansion is situated at the heart of the vast land and offers a 360-degree view of the entire plantation. Aside from the fabulous river stones masonry and hard wood, the mansion affords a breathtaking view of the valley and the sea making it a perfect vacation home for city dwellers.


The Plantation for Sale is located in Estrella Village, a barangay in the municipality of Narra in the island province of Palawan, Philippines.

plantation for sale - map
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How To Get There

In Puerto Princesa, take the national highway and drive towards the south of Palawan. After about 84 kilometers, take the exit to Estrella Village which is connected to the north-south national highway with an 8-km paved road.

Plantation and Village
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The Plantation is located between Estrella Village and the foot of the mountains behind the village.

plantation house from far

road leading to mahogany plantation for sale

The drive from the village to the entrance of The Plantation is along a one-kilometer dirt road.

A partly paved road of about 0.8 km leads from the gate of The Plantation to the mansion.

Plantation Surface

The Plantation has a total area of 70.3 hectares of gently rolling terrrane of which 67.6 hectares is planted with a variety of trees:

  • 27.9 hectares with about 57,000 Honduras Mahogany trees between 5 and 9 years old
  • 29.9 hectares with about 16,000 Cashew trees between 2 and 6 years old
  • 8.3 hectares with about 18,000 Gmelina trees (harvest every 6 years)
  • 1.5 hectares with various fruit trees and about 50 Ipil and Narra trees (about 7 years old)

mahogany plantation for sale

cashew plantation for sale

gmelina and fruit trees plantation for sale

The remaining 2.7 hectares contain the plantation owner’s mansion and 5 caretaker houses, partly paved roads, a creek and a river with running water all year round, and two areas that have yet to be developed. The entire plantation is encompassed with a barbed-wire fence.


The Plantation is connected to the electrical grid of the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO). The power cables from the village to The Plantation as well as the transformer are properties of The Plantation. Aside from this, there is an 18KW diesel generator set with an automatic transfer system in a dedicated powerhouse at the entrance of The Plantation.

plantation for sale - power generator house

Potable water is obtained from a spring in the mountains behind The Plantation. The tropical climate ensures that there is water flowing all year round.

All houses inside the property are connected to the electrical and water networks of The Plantation.


The spacious mansion serves as a residence for the owner of The Plantation and his family. It is situated in the middle of The Plantation with a 360-degree view over the entire land and a breathtaking view of the valley and the sea.

plantation mansion - front view(1)

plantation mansion - front view(2)

plantation mansion - front view(3)

The mansion is 130 meters above sea level. This altitude provides a great vantage point in viewing three picturesque islands – Sombrero Island, Arena Island and Rasa Island – which are located 16 to 20 kilometers from the mansion.

view from the plantation mansion

The mansion is reminiscent of Colonial architecture with modern amenities and a professionally designed layout which includes:

  • Common Living Area: 58 m2
  • Dining: 13.5 m2
  • Kitchen: 19 m2
  • Pantry: 6 m2
  • Master’s bedroom including walk-in closet, bath and toilet: 53 m2
  • Children’s bedroom including walk-in closet, bath and toilet: 53 m2
  • Sauna: 13.8 m2
  • Screened Veranda: 17 m2
  • Veranda: 77.1 m2
  • Laundry Area: 24 m2

Total: 334.4 m2

The following additional structures were built adjacent to the mansion:

  • Garage: 36 m2
  • Maids bedroom, bathroom and toilet: 18 m2
  • Multi-purpose area: 60 m2

Total: 114 m2

A 152 m2 plant nursery is located behind the mansion. A variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices are also planted in the area around the nursery.

On the left side of the house and the nursery, a partly sloping garden is adorned with different flowers, palm trees and other plants.

On the right side of the house is the screened veranda which is perfect for lounging during sunrise. Just behind the veranda is the garage.

All five of the caretaker houses are typical local dwellings made of round wood with sawali and cogon roof. Each house has its own kitchen, living and sleeping area, and a toilet and bath. All houses have running water and electricity.

Commercial/Investment Viability

What can future buyers expect to gain from the plantation?

The cashew trees offer a significant yearly stream of income that will grow over time while the trees mature:

  • 2014 harvest was the first harvest of about 300 kg of cashews and the 2015 harvest was 1,500 kg. 2020 harvest is estimated to be 32,000 kgs with a value in the local market of US$ 85,750 whole sale when processed into fried cashew kernels, using 2015 sales prices.
  • The cashew trees will be fully matured in 2025 with a estimated total harvest of 50,000 kgs with a value in the local market of US$ 119,047 using 2015 sales prices

The 57,000 mahogany trees grow in value every year. They are estimated to value US$8,084,000 in 2023 when the average age of these trees will be 15 years (just 7 more to go from now!). This estimate is derived from an appraisal made in 2006 of the 116,000 mahogany trees on the Marsse Tropical Tree Plantation in Pangasinan in Luzon, Philippines by the DENR (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources).

If waiting until they reach 20 years old is not an issue, these mahogany trees alone will value up to Php570,000,000 (using 2015 prices). That’s more than US$12,600,000 using the current foreign exchange rate. And it will most likely be more because prices are still going up as the current demand for mahogany is not being met.

The gmelina trees can be harvested around 2021 and every 6 years there after. A conservative estimate of the value of these trees is US$ 257,000 for each harvest.


  • Cash or best offer

Price and Inclusive Services

Price shown here may not be updated. Contact us for the most updated offer.

The price for everything in this property, including the mansion and other structures, is Php300M. This is already inclusive of the following fees and services:

  • Notarial fees
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Documentary stamp taxes
  • Transfer Taxes
  • Securing of certifications from different agencies required for the transfer of ownership
  • Registry of Deeds’ registration
  • All other professional services required for the transfer of ownership to the new owner(s)


The following are not included in the above-mentioned sale price:

  • Own expenses of prospective buyers on actual viewing of the property
  • Professional fees for [optional] consolidation of titles (There are 14 titles in all)
  • Resurvey of the area, if opted by the buyer
  • Conversion of the existing land use, if opted by the buyer
  • Permits and other licenses, if outside the existing land use


For interested parties, we have the following preliminary requirements:

  • Intent or Offer letter – stating the price, mode of payment and the intended use of the property
  • Company profile, for companies

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