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How do you manage the check in and check out?

Almost 100% of our bookings are made and confirmed online. When the guest sends his payment for reservation, we send them a reservation confirmation which is what they will have to show us (our staff) upon check in. On the

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What complimentary items do you provide short-term renters / guests with?

Just the basic items: Bathroom tissue Body soap Shampoo Bottled drinking water And of course, the usual necessities for transient renters who are usually travelers or vacationists who don’t bring with them the following items: Body towels Bed sheets Pillows

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How do you set the rates for the short term rentals?

Part of the initial things we do when accepting a unit into our management is to conduct a rental survey. It is through this that we determine the most competitive rental rate we can offer the property for. In our

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What are the inclusive services in your short-term rental operation?

For the short term rentals, we take also care of everything. This includes the following: We maintain accounts on accommodation marketplaces like Airbnb, Homeaway, and several more others, and we list the properties we manage that are available for

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Do you handle vacation rentals?

Yes, we do. When signing up for our Property Management Services, we let the unit owner specify whether he wants to rent his unit for long-term only, short-term only, or both.

Can I use my unit while it is still vacant?

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Yes, of course. We only request that afterwards, it be returned to its clean and presentable condition so that it will be ready for viewings immediately after your use. You can also just let us know if you cannot arrange

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Can I see your lease contract?

Yes, sure. You can review the main content of our standard lease contract on the following page:

What are the inclusive services in your Property Management package?

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You can find the complete list of services we provide under our Property Management on the following page:

Have you actually tried to sue a tenant to collect unpaid rentals?

Despite our initial vetting and despite their compliance to our pre-lease requirements, there are just some bad tenants that sometimes fall through the cracks. This is an unfortunate risk anyone who operates rental properties has to deal with. But also

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How do you collect the rent?

In most cases, we only deposit the post-dated checks issued by the lessee/tenant at the start of their lease. For some who prefer to pay with their credit cards, their rent is automatically charged to their credit card on their

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